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Accursed- Meditations Among The Tombs
Acheron- Rites Of The Black Mass
Acheron- Those Who Have Risen
Amanda Miguel- 5 Dias
Amorphis- Tales From The Thousand Lakes
Ana Barbara- Lo Mejor de Ana Barbara en la Monumental Plaza Mexico
Ana Barbara- Tu Decision
Ana Gabriel- Mi Mexico
Ana Gabriel- Joyas de Dos Siglos
Ana Gabriel- Ayer Y Hoy
Ana Gabriel- Vivencias
Ana Gabriel- Con Un Mismo Corazon
Ana Gabriel- 20 Exitos
Ana Gabriel- En La Plaza De Toros
Ana Gabriel- Soy Como Soy
Ana Gabriel- Eternamente
Angelica- Angelica
Angelcorpse- The Inexorable
Anthrax- Spreading The Disease
Anthrax- Among The Living
Arch Enemy- Wages of Sin
Asphyx- Asphyx
At The Gates- With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
Aunque Mal Paguen
Baphomet- Trust
Body Count- Body Count
Boss- Born Gangstaz
Broken Hope- Loathing
Broken Hope- Grotesque Blessings
Brujeria- Marijuana
Brutality- Screams of Anguish
Bryndis- Un Juego De Amor
Cancer- The Sins Of Mankind
Cannibal Corpse- Eaten Back To Life (Jesus)
Cannibal Corpse- Butchered At Birth
Cannibal Corpse- Tomb Of The Mutilated
Cannibal Corpse- Vile
Cannibal Corpse- Bloodthirst
Cannibal Corpse- Gore Obsessed
Carcass- Reek Of Putrefaction
Carcass- Tools Of The Trade
Carcass- Symphonies Of Sickness
Carcass- Heatwork
Carcass- Swansong
Cathedral- The Ethereal Mirror
Christina Aguilera- Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera- Mi Reflejo
Como Te Extrano- Various Artists
Compton's Most Wanted- Music To Driveby
Coven- Boneless Christian
Cradle Of Filth- The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Cradle Of Filth- Dusk And Her Embrace
Cradle Of Filth- Cruelty And The Beast (With Bonus CD)
Crematory- ... Just Dreaming
Da Brat- Funkdafied
Da Lench Mob- Guerillas In The Mist
Danzig- Danzig
Danzig- II: Lucifuge
Danzig- III: How The Gods Kill
D.E.M.- Maxt
Death- Scream, Bloody Gore
Death- Leprosy
Death- Spiritual Healing
Death- Individual Thought Patterns
Death- Symbolic
Death- The Sound Of Perserverance
Decapitated- Winds Of Creation
Deceased- Luck Of The Corpse
Deceased- The Blueprints For Madness
Deicide- Deicide (Jesus)
Deicide- Amon: Feasting The Beast
Deicide- Once Upon The Cross
Deicide- Serpents Of The Light
Deicide- Insineratehymn
Deicide- In Torment In Hell
Detestation- Massacre Of Hate
Disgrace- Grey Misery
Dismember- Pieces
Dismember- Indecent And Obscene
Dissection- Storm Of The Light's Bane (Jesus)
Diverje- Electrodiums/The Passage
Domino- Domino
Dying Fetus- Infatuation With Malevolence
Dying Fetus- Purification Through Violence
Dying Fetus- Killing On Adrenaline
Dying Fetus- Destroy The Opposition
Emperor- Split
Enchantment- Dance The Marble Naked
Enrique Iglesias- Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias- Vivir
Enrique Iglesias- Cosas Del Amor
Entombed- Left Hand Path
Exodus- Force Of Habit
Faster Pussycat- Wake Me When It's Over
Fates Warnings- Parallels
Fear Factory- Soul Of A New Machine
Fey- El Color De Los Suenos
Fight- War Of Words
Fleshgrind- The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment
Galy Galiano- Me Bebi Tu Recuerdo
God Dethroned- The Christhunt
God Dethroned- Bloody Blasphemy
Golgotha- Elemental Changes
Graciela Belran- Mis Mejores Canciones
Graciela Beltran- Mi Corazon Es Tuyo
Graciela Beltran- Tuya
Graciela Beltran- Robame Un Beso
Graciela Beltran- Grandes Y Nuevos Exitos
Graciela Beltran- Grandes Y Nuevos Exitos Vol. 2
Graciela Beltran- Para Mi Pueblo
Grimple/Logical Nonsense- Split
Guns N Roses- Appetite For Destruction
Gwar- The Road Behind
Helloween- Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II
Hole- Live Through This
Hypocrisy- Osculum Obscenum
Hypocrisy- The Fourth Dimension
Hypocrisy- The Final Chapter
Ice T- The Iceberg
Identity- Century Media Compilation
Identity- Volume 4
Identity- Volume 6
Immolation- Here In After
Immolation- Failures For Gods
Immolation- Close To A World Below
In The Eyes Of Death- Compilation
In The Name Of Satan- Venom Tribute
Incantation- Onward To Golgotha
Incantation- Diabolical Conquest
Internal Bleeding- Perpetual Degradation
Iron Maiden- Somewhere In Time
Jennifer- Abrazame Y Besame
Jessica Simpson- Sweet Kisses
Kid Frost- Hispanic Causing Panic
Kid Frost- East Side Story
King Diamond/Mercyful Fate- A Dangerous Meeting
King Diamond- Voodoo
King Diamond- Abigail II
Knockout- The Soundtrack
Krisiun- Conquering North America
Krisiun- Conquerors Of Armageddon
Krisiun- Ageless Venomous
Kyra- Angel Baby
La Mafia- Hits De Coleccion
Limite- Por Encima De Todo
Limite- De Corazon Al Corazon
Limite- Por Puro Amor
Limite- Partiendome El Alma
Limite- Sentimientos
Lividity- Fetish For The Sick
Lividity- The Age Of Clitoral Decay
Lorenzo Antonio- El No Te Quiere
Lorenzo Antonio- Siempre Te Amare
Los Buddies- Un Sueno Memorial
Los Buddies- Esa Cosita De Oro
Los Buddies- Graduation Song
Los Tigres Del Norte- Jefe De Jefes
Los Tigres Del Norte- Herencia De Familia
Los Tucanes De Tijuana- El Pachangon
Los Tucanes De Tijuana- Con Las Estrellas
Lucero- De Mexico
Lucero- Historia De Un Romance
Lucero- Piel De Angel
Lucero- En Mexico
Lucero- Mi Destino
Malevolent Creation- Eternal
Mandy Moore- So Real
Mandy Moore- I Wanna Be With You
Mandy Moore- Mandy Moore
Marco Antonio Solis- Marco Antonio Solis
Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
MC Ren- Shock Of The Hour
MC Ren- Ruthless For Life
Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell
Megadeth- Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Megadeth- Countdown To Extinction
Megadeth- Killing Is My Business
Mercyful Fate- Melissa
Mercyful Fate- Don't Break The Oath
Mercyful Fate- Return Of The Vampire
Mercyful Fate- In The Shadows
Mercyful Fate- Time
Mercyful Fate- 9
Mercyful Fate- Dead Again
Metal Church- Blessing In Disguise
Metallica- Kill Em All
Metallica- Ride The Lightning
Metallica- Master Of Puppets
Method Man- Tical
M.O.D.- Loved By Thousands...Hated By Millions
Monstrosity- Imperial Doom
Morbid Angel- Covenant
Morbid Angel- Formulas Fatal To The Flesh
Morgue- Eroded Thoughts
Morpheus Descends- Chronicles Of The Shadowed Ones
My Own Victim- No Voice, No Rights, No Freedom
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
Napalm Death- Utopia Banished
Napalm Death- Fear, Emptiness, Dispair
Nazareth- Hair Of The Dog
Nocturnus- The Key
Noelia- Noelia
Noelia- Golpeando Fuerte
Nydia Rojas- Nydia Rojas
Nydia Rojas- Florece
Obituary- Cause Of Death
Obituary- Back From The Dead
Olga Tanon- Nuevo Senderos
Olga Tanon- Llevame Contigo
Olga Tanon- Te Acordaras De Mi
Oppressor- Solstice Of Oppression
Orchestrated Chaos- Compilation
Overkill- Horrorscope
Ozzy Osbourne- Diary Of A Madman
Ozzy Osbourne- Blizzard Of Ozz
Ozzy Osbourne- Bark At The Moon
Ozzy Osbourne- No Rest For The Wicked
Pantera- Vulgar Display Of Power
Pedro Fernandez- Deseos Y Delirios
Penance- Parallel Corners
Priscila- 12 Balazos De Plata
Priscila- La Cantante
Priscila- Corazon De Cristal
Pyaemia- Cerebral Cereal
Pyrexia- Sermon Of Mockery
Repudilation- Purging Of Impurity
Road Kill- Volume 1
Rob Zombie- Hellbilly Deluxe
Sadistic Torment- Unearthly Horrors
Samael- Blood Ritual/Worship Him
Sea Of Tranquility- The Omegan Ruins
Selena- Mis Mejores Canciones
Selena- Amor Prohibido
Selena- 12 Super Exitos
Selena- Dreaming Of You
Sentenced- North From Here
Sepultura- Morbid Visions
Sepultura- Roots
Severe Torture- Feasting On Blood
Sickness- Ornaments Of Mutilation
Sinister- Bastard Saints
Sinister- Diabolical Summoning/Cross The Styx
Six Feet Under- Haunted
Slayer- Show No Mercy
Slayer- Hell Awaits
Slayer- Reign In Blood
Sparx- Con Mariachi
Sparx- Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo
Sparx- Mandame Flores
Sparx- Tiene Que Ser Amor
Sparx- Christmas
Sparx- No Hay Otro Amor
Sparx- Con Mariachi Vol. 2
Sparx Y Lorenzo Antonio- Cantan Corridos
Sparx Y Lorenzo Antonio- Cantan Corridos Vol. 2
Sparx Y Lorenzo Antonio- Para Las Madrecitas
Spice 1- Spice 1
Stefani- Porque Soy Mujer
Styper- To Hell With The Devil
Suffocation- Human Waste
Suffocation- Pierced From Within
Suicidal Tendencies- Lights, Camera, Revolution
Suicidal Tendencies- How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
Suicidal Tendencies- The Art Of Rebellion
Suicidal Tendencies- Still Cyco After All These Years
Testament- Practice What You Preach
Testament- Low
Thalia- En Extasis
Thalia- Amor A La Mexicana
Thalia- Arrasando
The Bloodhound Gang- Hooray For Boobies
The D.O.C.- No One Can Do It Better
The Dead Youth- Writhing
The Heralds Of Oblivion- Volume 1
The Wild Rag- Rock N Roll Myths
Tiamat- A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
UHF/VHF- Relapse/Release Compilation
Vader- Reborn In Chaos
Vengaboys- The Party Album
Venom- Welcome To Hell
Venom- Skeletons In The Closet
Visceral Productions- Compilation #1
Wicked Innocence- Omnipotence
Witch-Hunt- Prophecies Of A Great Plague
Witchery- Witchburner