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Nando's VHS & DVD Trading Site

Main boxing section (Fuckin vcr's gave the ass so hopefully updated by October 2008)

Ok, my site is on it's way. My fight list is done! I've finally finished working on them tapes. My NFL games are almost done as well (NYG and regular). The things I got left are my concerts and TV shows. I don't have many TV shows, but would like copies of Nikkie, 10 Simple Rules and Dark Angel. Also looking for GOOD copies of NBA or NCAA basketball games.

Welcome to my hobby site!

Welcome to my VHS trading site. My main interest is in boxing videos. I don't have much, but hopefully you can help me with that. Other sports I like are NBA, NCAA basketball, and the NFL. I don't have any tapes of the above sports (well except for the New York Giants) so I'm also looking for NBA playoffs, etc. If you want something off my list and don't have any sports tapes to trade (or concerts of some underground bands), I'll trade for almost anything (cd's, dvd's, books, etc.)

I'll trade a two hour Sony tape recorded in SP for the best quality. (Or a T-160 in SP mode). I'll trade up to 4 tapes at a time shipped via Priority Mail. If you want to set up a trade, just give me an e-mail with what you want. If you have any questions on a certain fight or game, just give me an e-mail and I'll try to answer it for you.